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  • We have branches throughout Northern and Central California.
    We have branches throughout Northern and Central California.
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  • One of the largest and strongest banks based in California.
    One of the largest and strongest banks based in California.
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  • Recognized as one of the most stable community banks in the nation.
    Recognized as one of the most stable community banks in the nation.
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  • Westamerica Bank was first chartered in 1884.
    Westamerica Bank was first chartered in 1884.
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  • Helping California communities grow and prosper.
    Helping California communities grow and prosper.
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Corporate Contributions

Our Mission Statement
As one of the leading financial institutions in the Northern and Central California areas, Westamerica Bank recognizes its responsibility not only to provide the highest quality banking services to the citizens of our communities, but also to improve the quality of life in the communities we serve.

We pride ourselves in investing a portion of earned income back into the communities which we serve. One of the ways we do this is through contributions to locally based nonprofit organizations providing programs or services in the following areas: health and human services, education, the arts, and civic affairs.

Categories and Criteria
Within each of the program areas, there are specific categories to which preference will be given.

Health and Human Services
• Promote housing opportunities.
• Provide programs for the underprivileged.
• Promote access to services.
• Promote health care education for seniors or minorities.
• Provide effective programs in socio-medical diseases such as alcoholism, drug abuse or stress.
• Assist those with physical handicaps.

• Support basic curriculums on a district-wide level in K-12 schools versus individual schools.
• Promote literacy, especially with adults and within minority communities.

The Arts
• Proposals from organizations operating in the fields of the performing and visual arts that are based in our banks’ assessment areas.

Civic Affairs
• Address social problems faced by youth, minorities, the elderly, women and the disabled.
• Support of various community events.

General Requirements
Contributions vary and a range of $100 to $1,500 is typical.

Our contribution decisions are based on the individual merits of specific projects, as well as on the organization seeking funds. Evaluations are done on both new and renewal requests. Programs, population served, services offered, quality of management,
other corporate support and financial conditions are all reviewed.

These general guidelines are used in evaluating requests.
• Organizations that operate in the assessment areas where our banks provide services.
• Project-specific proposals rather than requests for grants to underwrite operating or capital budgets.
• Projects that improve access of excluded groups to social and economic opportunity.
• Projects that directly address human needs, offering direct services rather than through intermediary organizations.
• Programs promoting citizen participation and volunteerism.
• Projects that develop leadership skills.
• Organizations to which bank personnel are giving leadership, whenever possible.

Organizations seeking support should demonstrate programs and management practices characterized by:
• Clearly stated objectives and long-range planning.
• Active participation of the governing board.
• Competent leadership and a continuity of efficient administration.
• Sound financial principles and practices resulting in reasonable fundraising and administrative expenses.
• Strategies and plans to move from dependency on any one source of support.
• Accountability for its actions through regular self-evaluation and public reporting.
• Qualified professional staff in place and effective use of volunteers.

Excluded Organizations and Purposes
It is our general policy not to make grants to:
• Organizations that are ineligible to receive tax deductible contributions.
• Requests that are not in writing.
• Operating funds or capital funds.
• Organizations that practice discrimination by race, color, creed, sex, age or national origin.
• Support multi-year pledges.
• Organizations outside our assessment areas.
• Fundraising efforts to benefit other organizations.
• Political candidates.
• First year programs or seed money.
• Religious organizations when denominational or sectarian in purpose, fraternal organizations, veterans groups and labor organizations, when serving only their own membership.
• Individuals.
• Reduce debt or past operating deficits.

Application Procedures
Proposals for corporate contributions are accepted throughout the year, and should be limited to 2-3 pages. Please include the following information:

1. A short statement of the history and accomplishments of the organization submitting the request to include:
• A geographic breakdown of the area served by the organization.
• The agency’s Mission Statement.
• The percentage of low-moderate income clientele served by the agency.

2. A brief summary of the specific project and description of the problem or issue being addressed to include:
• Amount requested and intended use.
• Target population/community and number to be served by the project.
• Time schedule for implementation.
• Description of expected results and how results will be evaluated or measured.

3. Complete project budget and details of fundraising plans (include funding sources, amounts and any existing commitments) as well as total amount requested from all other organizations.

4. Agency budget for the most recent year.

5. Agency brochure outlining services.

6. Agency’s most recent Annual Report.

7. A copy of the nonprofit organization’s latest IRS determination letter stating 501(c)3 tax-exempt status.

8. A completed and signed W9 form.

Some requests that do not qualify for a corporate donation may be referred to our local branch office for consideration. At varying times, we donate surplus furniture. Although we do not have a formal furniture and equipment donation program, requests should be in writing.

The proposal may be sent to:

Westamerica Bank
Community Relations Officer A-2H
4550 Mangels Boulevard
Fairfield, CA 94534
All requests are reviewed within 4-6 weeks. If additional information is needed, we will contact you.