Basic Budgeting Seminars

We specialize in helping people to transition into the work force. Our basic budgeting seminars are designed for people who are looking for financial education to obtain the tools to become financially independent, or at least, free from money worries. The seminar provides many useful tips on money management. 

For example:

  • How to avoid falling into the maxed-out credit card trap.
  • Tips on why budgets fail and how to keep your budget on track.
  • Tips on how to be a wise consumer and how to avoid falling for marketing gimmicks.
  • The importance of creating a savings plan to prepare for emergencies.

Detailed information about this seminar (PDF)

If you are a non-profit agency with clientele that could benefit from this seminar, please contact us. If you can arrange for the participants to attend the seminar, we can arrange for the instructor, materials and every other assistance possible. There is no cost to you. The number of people who could benefit from basic budgeting education is large and growing. Every day, people and families are re-entering the work force or in the process of being trained to enter the work force. Personal budgeting is a skill they will need to be successful.

Call us. Together, we can make a difference for individuals in your community who need help.

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